Bogazici University Instructors' Personal Website Installation Wizard

This application has been developed to enable Boğaziçi University instructors to create their own personal websites.

You can use your website to highlight your personal information, research interests, publications,  teaching areas and contact information. Also everybody can send you a message using the contact form on your personal website.

This is a web self-service system. You are responsible for all content on your website. Computer Center will provide support only for technical problems.



  • After installation, you can change your menu elements’ titles or add new elements or delete or disable elements.

  • In some templates, there are limited space for your menu so be careful about adding new elements, you may end up with an unpleasant template design.


How to Start Installation

To use the system, you can follow the steps below.

  • You must login to the system with your Bogazici University e-mail account name and password by clicking here.

  • There are a number of themes available on "Website Manager" page.

  • There are buttons on each theme which appears when you mouseover a theme.

  • You can discover themes by clicking on the "Preview" button.

  • Click “Select” button on the theme which you would like to use.

  • Then click the "Create my site" button to install.

  • To manage your personal website, you also need to log in to it.

  • Once you login to your personal site, you can get help by clicking on the "Help" link on the admin menu or by clicking on the "Tour" button on the top right.