Published Papers

College Admissions with Multidimensional Privileges: The Brazilian Affirmative Action Case (joint with Inacio Bo), forthcoming in American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

Dynamic Reserves in Matching Markets (joint with Bertan Turhan), 2020, Journal of Economic Theory, 188: 105069

Large Scale Affirmative Action in School Choice: Admissions to ITTs in India (joint with Bertan Turhan), 2017, American Economic Review P&P, 107(5): 210-213

Matching with Contracts: Comment (joint with Tayfun Sönmez), 2013, American Economic Review, 103(5): 2050-2051


Working Papers

Matching with Generalized Lexicographic Choice Rules (joint with Bertan Turhan)

Designing Direct Matching Mechanisms for India with Comprehensive Affirmative Action (joint with Bertan Turhan)

Matching with Contracts: Critical Role of Irrelevance of Rejected Contracts (joint with Tayfun Sönmez)

The Importance of Irrelevance of Rejected Contracts in Matching under Weakened Substitutes Conditions (joint with Tayfun Sönmez)


Work in Progress

Preserving Priorities in the Case of the Re-Placement of Medical Residents in Turkey (joint with Günnur Ege Destan)

Designing Re-Placement Mechanism under Vested Interests (joint with Günnur Ege Destan)

On Nested Choice Rules (joint with Bertan Turhan)

Affirmative Action in India with Weak Preferences (joint with Bertan Turhan)


Funded Projects

"Verimli Pozitif Ayrımcılık Tasarımı" funded by TUBITAK

"Dynamic Reserves in Matching Markets with Contracts: Theory and Applications" funded by BAP Boğaziçi University

"Preserving Priorities in Re-Placement Problem" funded by BAP Boğaziçi University