Thesis Supervision

Current advisees

  • Gülşah Soburcalı (Ph.D.)

Theses Directed

  • Pınar Topal, Fluctuations in epistemic (a)symmetry in video-mediated post-observation conversations (Completed, June 2021)
  • Selin Yıldırım, Graduate Level Thesis Writing in the Second Language: Perspectives of Students and Advisors (Completed, April 2020)
  • Mehmet Durmaz, Being Another or the Other: The Professional Identity Development of Alternatively-certified English Language Teachers (Completed, June 2015)
  • Yağmur Raman, The Origami of identities: Novice Teachers’ Negotiation of Identities through Code-switching (Completed, May 2015)
  • Gökçen Gök, The Influences of Instructional Policies in Intensive English Programs on Novice Teacher Cognition: Help or Hindrance? (Completed, January 2015)
  • Gül Karaağaç, Teacher Cognition on Written Feedback: Novice and Experienced Teachers’ Beliefs, Attitudes and Practices. (Completed, July 2014)
  • Jan Personn, The Effects of an In-service Teacher Training Program on the Teaching Practices of Novice Teachers. (Completed, June 2014)

Thesis/Dissertation Committee Memberships (Completed)

  • Heba Madi, Exploring the Integration of Digital Storytelling to Improve the Speaking Skills in Arabic as a Foreign Language (MA thesis directed by Assoc. Prof. Yavuz Samur, Bahcesehir University, 2020)
  • Sena Sebit,The Effects of Individual and Collaborative Computerized Concept Mapping as a pre-writing strategy on EFL Students' Writing (MA thesis co-directed by Assist. Prof. Senem Yıldız and Assist. Prof. Sibel Tatar, Boğaziçi University, 2019)
  • Hüsnü Gümüş, L2 writing difficulties and tutor’s written feedback: An investigation into pre-service teachers’ writing difficulties and their views and preferences on tutors’ written feedback (MA thesis directed by Prof. Demet Yaylı, Pamukkale University, 2019)
  • Fazilet Sönmez, First-Language Use in Learning the Ser/Estar Distinction in Spanish as a Third Language (M.A. thesis directed by Assist. Prof. Şebnem Yalçın, Boğaziçi University, 2019)
  • Aida Ariannejad, A Metadiscursive Investigation of English and Persian Academic Articles in the Field of Architecture. (PhD dissertation directed by Prof. Dr. Ulker Vanci Osam, Eastern Mediterrenean University, 2019)
  • Zeynep Açıkgöz, Effects of Two Different Gamified Student Response Systems on EFL Students' Vocabulary Achievement and Intrinsic Motivation (MA thesis directed by Assist. Prof. Yavuz Samur, Bahcesehir University, 2019)
  • Hatice Yurtman Kaçar, Validating Multiple-Text Reading Tasks in Foreign Language Proficiency Tests Through Verbal Protocols and Eye Tracking (MA thesis directed by Assist. Prof. Dr. Aylin Unaldı, Bogazici University, 2018)
  • Nihal Ozdemir, The Impact of Video-based Asynchonous Computer-meditated Communication on EFL Learners' Oral Language Achievement and Foreign Language Speaking Anxiety (MA thesis directed by Assist. Prof. Yavuz Samur, Bahcesehir University, 2018)
  • Catalina Sandoval Muñoz. Effective ESL Writing Practices: The Impact of Effective Teachers’ Principles and Practices on their Students’ Learning Outcomes (MA thesis directed by Assoc. Prof. Randall W. Sandler, M.A. Program in Teaching of English as a Second Language at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, March 2016)   
  • Çiğdem Uluçay. A Rotten Apple Spoils The Barrel: Cause Markers Employed by Native Speakers of Turkish When Writing Cause Paragraphs in English And Turkish. (MA thesis directed by Assoc. Prof. Ciler Hatipoğlu, English Language Teaching M.A. Program at Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus, July 2014)