Fiber Laser Development

High-power fiber lasers are being adopted in industry, military and medicine at an unprecedented rate for the past decades over the world. In recent years, there are a lot of reports on ultrafast fiber lasers and their scientific and industrial applications, especially material processing.

Yb-doped fiber laser (~ 1 µm)

One part of our current research is on ultrafast high-power Yb doped fiber laser development, operating at around 1 µm,  for scientific, industrial, and medical applications. 


Er-doped fiber laser (~ 1.5 µm)

Various applications benefit from operation at a central wavelength of 1.5 µm and its second harmonic, including silicon and 3D printing based on two-photon polymerization. Therefore, we put a portion of our current research on this area to develop high power Er-doped fiber laser operating at 1.55 µm.


Tm-doped fiber laser (~ 2 µm)

We are also interested in ultrafast Tm-doped fiber lasers. Because of high absorption of water at around 2 µm, Tm-doped fiber lasers have earned a lot of applications in hard and soft tissue processing.


Raman fiber laser

Wavelength-wise fiber lasers are limited to the vicinity of 1 mm, 1.55 mm and 1.95 mm (Yb-, Er- and Tm-doped fibers, respectively). However, there are numerous applications, especially in biological imaging that demand at least nJ-level and few hundred femtosecond long pulses over as wide a range of wavelengths as possible. We have developed a synchronously-pumped Raman laser system for producing coherent signals spanning from 1.06 mm to 1.35 mm and 1.55 mm to 1.75 mm .