Ongoing Research

Machin-learning based focus detection for laser micromachining 


In high precision laser material processing, finding the exact position of focus on the material is crucial. We explores a real-time and high precision focus finding for the ultrafast laser material processing and micromachining. We use convolutional neural network (CNN) based approach to train and detect the focus position. We also investigate the effect of the surface roughness and the optical noise (from camera, for instance) on the precision of detection. 

Our research is based on experiment and simulation. 





Intracavity optical tweezers

Optical tweezers are a powerful technique to manipulate microscopic and nanoscopic particles and living cells. We enhanced optical tweezers action by taking advantage of intracavity nonlinear feedback forces emerging when the microparticle is placed within the laser cavity. (intracavity OT). Thanks to a power self-regulation, due to optomechanical coupling, the average intensity on the particle reduces, significantly. We work on single beam and counter-propagating OT (BAP, Start-Up)

We are interested in both experiment and theory.